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Based in Los Angeles, California and Vancouver, Canada; Everly Rose Events is a full service event planning and design company specializing in high-end-multi-cultral lavish events and corporate functions. 

Everly Rose Events has successfully grown to be a brand that is recognized for not only the creativity but also knows for their execution, professionalism, quality and excellence. We are here to give our fullest attention to the finest details.


We believe that every successful event is executed with flawless planning and communicationOur goal is to capture all details and reflect the personality of our clients within the details and design aesthetics.

Everly Rose Events offers  wide range  of services that best fits our client's specific need, including shaping your special event, month-of event management, or producing and executing your entire event from A-Z. No matter which services our clients select, our focus is to cater their needs and make sure they sit back and enjoy this planning process stress-free.


Shadi was born in born in Hamburg, Germany and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an architect. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design with a Minor in Creative Writing at the Otis College of Art and Design.


After graduating from college she worked at architectural firms within the Los Angeles area for three years as a project manager, architect, and designer. During this period she helped coordinate social events for friends and family in her free time. This lead her to develop a passion for event planning, and with the positive feedback that she received from the events she helped organize, she decided to pursue a full-time career in event coordination.  


She joined the Productions team as an Event Coordinator and Designer as someone who could bring an architectural and interior design background into the team. Shadi specializes in planning, designing, and managing designer social events. With her strong understanding of the relationship between space, lighting, materials and colors, and her commitment to design excellence, she develops creative design solutions through collaboration between her vision and the client’s desires. Shadi’s vision of the ideal event includes applying creative elements into every layer of the design strategy and process.


Founder and Creative Directer 

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